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Academic Support Workers / Inclusion Practitioners

The Work Inclusion Project Ltd (TWIP) supports disabled academics, professionals, and entrepreneurs to address in-work disabling barriers, including applications and administration of grant funds to pay for support needed. The support we provide can be equipment, technology, training, coaching and human support to work alongside our disabled clients removing disabling barriers in a range of different ways.

If you have a good understanding of disability, particularly visual / hearing impairments, chronic illness, neurodivergence & mental ill health, or are willing to learn and have a personal commitment to inclusion and diversity, and also have a familiarity with the working cultures and pressures of the HE, Professional or SME sectors, we’d love to hear from you.

The work is varied as each individual client has their own individual needs; most work can be carried out remotely on a flexible basis. Support work required can include:

  • Support in meetings e.g., taking notes, being available for debrief, ‘translating’ NT communication, advocacy support.
  • Support with research e.g., grant application admin, converting materials into accessible formats, practical support setting up new tools and systems.
  • Executive function support e.g., supporting planning, collaborative prioritising, email management, and diary management.
  • Teaching support e.g., proof-reading, formatting, document conversion, captioning videos, in-person teaching support where client is COVID vulnerable and joins remotely, marking support, admin and LMS support.

The salary range is from £29,250 -£36,000 FTE dependent on experience and benefits include 5.6 weeks holiday, pension and flexible working hours.

Disabled applicants are most warmly encouraged to apply. TWIP’s owners and managers and most of our staff are disabled / neurodivergent / chronically ill. We work on a strengths-based approach and can support our own disabled staff as we do our disabled clients. If this sounds interesting to you, please email to let us know what your skill set, interests and availability are, and we’ll see if we can match you to the work we have. Academic CVs are not relevant to these roles.

TWIP has a high level of LGBTQIA+ representation among both our staff and clients, many of whom also experience disabling mental ill health, and who have experienced homophobia or transphobia exacerbating those disabling effects. To safeguard the psychological safety and well-being of our clients and staff, TWIP operates a zero-tolerance policy for the expression or manifestation of views that could amount to homophobia or transphobia, or which make reference directly or indirectly to the genitals or medical history of any member of staff or client, or of anyone who shares a protected characteristic with any member of staff or client. The willingness and capacity to comply with this policy is required to help keep our clients and staff safe from the risk of harassment related to gender reassignment or sexual orientation, and to avoid the risk of exacerbating of disabling effects of mental ill health.