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Welcome to TWIP

Specialist in-work support for disabled academics, entrepreneurs, and professionals

For disabled people

  • Support to understand disabling barriers at work and to identify practical solutions & funding support
  • Specialist coaching to develop strengths-based strategies to navigate barriers
  • Supply, training & management of specialist Support Workers, Job Aides and Enablers
  • Online co-working support, peer support groups, and webinars
  • Advocacy and solution-focused dispute intervention

For employers

  • CPD Accredited Disability, Neurodivergence and Chronic Illness inclusion training
  • CPD Accredited Managing Disability training for managers and HR personnel
  • Disability and trauma-informed dispute resolution coaching, investigations, and mediation
  • Co-coaching line managers with disabled employees to build / repair effective working relationships and adjustments
Group of people working around a shared desk, one woman is in a wheelchair

For disability practitioners – new in 2023

  • Accredited training in coaching clients with chronic illness, including Long COVID
  • Accredited training in coaching neurodivergent clients
  • Accredited training in Equality Act 2010 provisions for disabled and trans / NB people at work, for workplace advisers, Union reps, & self-advocates